Long Studio

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting these earlier in the year.  Before I knew it, school and curling started and suddenly I had no time outside of my studies and work!  But, with the Christmas break finally upon us, I have time to sit down and really look through the pictures and share them with you!  I know I have already shared some photographs from the Fogo Island Inn, and I’m sorry if I happen to post them again (it’s just so nice there)!  But, without further ado, the Long Studio!

So the Long Studio wasn’t the first studio we went to, however it was one of my favorites.  Jeff and I went here following our stop at the Fogo Island Inn, and actually, in some of the pictures, you can see the Inn in the background.  This studio was really interesting because of the (as the name says) the length of it.  The actual living part of the studio only took up roughly half of the structure, and in the back half you could get onto, and walk on just like a deck or patio.  The cool part about these studios is that artists can rent them, for sometimes months at a time, and that is where they basically live for that time while they work.  Honestly, I could not think of any better place to stay than in one of these studios on the edge of the North Atlantic surrounded by scenic Fogo Island, and all the hospitality that comes with being in Newfoundland.

With Jeff already having been to Fogo Island twice before we went together, not only did he know exactly where to go, but he also already has posted about his visits in his blog, as well as provided some information on all the studios as well as the Inn.  For more information you can visit his blog, or you can go to this website here!

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