Tower Studio

The Tower Studio was the second artist studio that Jeff and I visited, which (as forgotten to mention before) is designed by Saunders Architecture.  As mentioned in the post before this one, Jeff had visited the Fogo Island Studios twice before coming with me, and on his previous visit he actually got to meet with the guy who is staying in this studio!  The man was not there this time around, however Jeff got to get some amazing pictures of the inside of the studio the last time, and I can imagine it is just as angular on the inside as it is on the outside.

One of the main reasons why I found this studio so intriguing was because of all the different angles it had to it.  Every time you turned a corner, the studio provided you with a totally different visual than the last.  And, on some sides, it looked like it wasn’t even structurally possible to have something built like this!  Another thing I loved about this studio on the day we were there was the contrast the black had with the blue sky and waters.  Although this studio wasn’t quite on the Atlantic Coastline, it did however have amazing views.  Another great thing about this location was that just two minutes down the road was the home of Young Studios, and we actually got to go in and meet with him and see some of his original works, which are absolutely stunning!

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