TBT: Flower Child

This week’s picture is a throwback to a session I had with Meaghan in the summer of 2014.  Meaghan is one of my favourite people to photograph because she is a natural in front the lens, and makes my job so much easier.  Although there were many pictures from this day, this is one of my absolute favourites!

Flower Child


Sincerely, Meaghan

So here’s the thing I love about Meaghan, she is absolutely perfect in front of the camera.  I rarely have to tell her to do anything, she makes up her own poses and expressions and they come together so perfectly.  The most I have to tell her is to adjust a hand, or look up a bit, but all of these poses and compositions come from her.  She is so comfortable and is not afraid to try new things.  She is the perfect model.