Winter Chill

Winter pictures is something I haven’t really done before.  Usually, I go into hibernation and don’t come out until it is warm and sunny.  This year I’m trying to push myself outside of my boundaries and get a little more adventurous, which means that winter hiking is a must!  Although I would much rather be snowshoeing through the trails, there is barely any snow right now, and hiking is turning more into slowly shuffling through the woods trying not to slip down into the ravine because the trails are nothing but ice.  The day I took this picture featured one bruised elbow on Shaugn’s part, and me almost sliding down the hill after trying to read a map that was surrounded by ice.  Nonetheless, getting outside and adventuring to all of these places is one of my favourite things, and I’m hoping to get out a lot more as the winter goes on!


Winter Chill

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