Christmas Lights & Presents

WOOHOO, exams are officially over!  I finished my last exam on Tuesday night (pray for my marks, please..), and to celebrate, Shaugn and I went out to North Rustico to look at all the Christmas lights.  If you are from the Island, you should definitely check out the lights in North Rustico.  It all started (I believe) with a family who lost their son over 20 years ago, who decorate their yard bright enough for him to see from heaven.  From there, multiple homes within the community have also gone to insane levels of decorating, and it is definitely a sure way to get you into the Christmas spirit.  You’ll even be greeted by a boat covered in lights as you enter the community.

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Also this week, Shaugn and I had our early Christmas.  We did this last year and, keeping with tradition, did it again this year!   Shaugn and I don’t really get to see each other over the holidays because he spends his in Montreal and I spend mine on lil ol’ PEI.  So, our options are have Christmas before he leaves for the holidays, drag all the presents to Montreal and have Christmas on the 28th when I get there, or wait until after we get back on January.  So, we have elected to do an early Christmas!  I do have to admit, it feel weird opening presents early, and we even cheated and opened them a day earlier than we said we would this year, but it is so great to watch each other open the presents, and guess what each gift it, and just spend our little holiday together 🙂

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Christmas Lights & Presents

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