Hello, It’s Me

It’s been a snowy, and quite frankly gross, week on PEI.  With the roads being sub-par, adventuring in my little 2002 Jetta was probably not in my best interest.  So, I’ve decided to post yet another picture from the Hopewell Rocks (I know, I know, I’m sorry!).  But don’t worry, I am looking forward to getting out once this wet and yucky snow ends, and getting some pretty wintery pictures, and maybe even some festive ones as the holidays approach!  (PS kudos to Shaugn for actually taking this picture for me, xo).


Now, I know I can’t just post a picture of myself and call it day.  Instead, I have decided to do something similar to what I did in Shaugn’s post, and let you all know 10 different things about me!  Enjoy 🙂

  1. I want to by a physiotherapist when I “grow up” (whenever that happens…)
  2. If Shaugn has his way, we will have two dogs, a Boxer (his) and an Australian Shepard (mine)
  3. I have a Youth Olympic Bronze Medal in curling
  4. My (current) favourite past time is watching Gilmore Girls
  5. Although I said I would never need a coffee to get me going in the morning, it is best recommended that you do approach me before I am at least half way through my cup of joe in the mornings
  6. My favourite blog is The Uncommon Law
  7. I absolutely love the outdoors
  8. I want to someday travel to all different parts of the world
  9. I will only clean my room/apartment/Shaugn’s place while listening to 2000’s one-hit wonders
  10. Chocolate covered almonds are God’s gift sent from the heavens

Also, if you haven’t forgotten, this is still one of the best songs there ever.

If there is ever something you would like to see on the blog, please comment below any post!

Hello, It’s Me

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