Kid at Heart

Rule #34 in life: When asking your significant other to pose nicely for you, you should expect them to do something silly 97% of the time. (Don’t believe me? Check this out.)

As mentioned in a previous post, Shaugn and I were recently over to New Brunswick, and spent our morning hiking at the Hopewell Cape Park.  It was a great morning, with many silly pictures!

Kid at Heart

As this is (I believe) Shaugn’s first time officially being on the blog, I’ve decided to do something different! So here are 10 random facts about Shaugn.

  1. If you are on the island, you can listen to him weekday afternoons on the radio
  2. He is originally from the far away land of Montreal, and is persistently trying and failing to teach me French
  3. The puns will never end, and never really get any funnier
  4. Along with trying to teach me French, he has a degree in Music Performance (Classical Piano), and is succeeding at teaching me how to play
  5. He has a cat named Jack(ass), who he loves and hates more than most things
  6. Although he just turned 26, he acts 7, maybe 8, at best (please refer to picture above)
  7. His favourite shows are HIMYM, Friends, and Scrubs
  8. He will ruin almost every cute, loving, or serious conversation we try to have by cracking jokes or making a funny face
  9. He hates curling, but tolerates it around me
  10. He has the biggest heart and the kindest soul
Kid at Heart

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