Hopewell Cape

This past weekend, Shaugn and I made the ‘big trip’ over to Moncton, mostly to go to Costco (no surprise there).  When we decided to go on a Sunday, we both thought it would be a great idea to get up a few hours earlier and do some exploring.  As it had been years since I was at the Hopewell Rocks, Shaugn never being there before, and only a 30 minute drive past Moncton, it was determined that this would be our adventure.  Unfortunately, though, when we looked at the tide table, it was going to be high tide.  This meant that the 40 feet of water would slightly hinder the experience of walking on the ocean floor!  We still went, and hiked throughout the park (as Shaugn told me all the ways that the animals in New Brunswick can kill me), and had a great time!


The really cool thing about the Hopewell Rocks, and the Bay of Fundy, is that they are some of the highest and fastest tides in the world.  When we were there around mid-morning, the tide was around 40ft.  If we would have gone back around 2 or 3, we would be able to walk where the water once was.  The tides rise around 6-7 feet per hour, meaning that in the summer you can hike on the ocean floor, go grab some lunch, and then kayak later that same day.  We did not have time to wait for the tide to go out, however we were able to watch the water rushing out when we got back to Moncton, as some of the rivers that run through the city are connected to the Bay.

Hopewell Cape

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