Mooney’s Pond

What a beautiful hidden gem this was!  I’ve been trying to find all these little place on the Island to take pictures of while the leaves are changing colour (and still on the trees..), and this was top of the list.  The trip wasn’t even all that planned.  I looked out my window one day, saw it was sunny, packed up my gear, and left.  One RCMP check stop and two wrong turns later, I found myself at the foot of a trail leading down to this beautiful pond.

Mooney's Pond

This picture has inspired me to challenge myself to post a new picture every week.  That’s right, you’ll have to deal with me every. single. week.  Whether it be a picture from a hike I recently took, or a throwback (Thursday-style), I want to commit to delivering content every week for the rest of the year.  Let me know your thoughts, and if it goes well, maybe I’ll continue it into the new year!

Mooney’s Pond

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