Hmmm, what a surprise, another picture in a city that is not my own!  If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that traveling is my absolute favourite thing in the world.  This trip, Shaugn and I were able to surprise his friends and family, which was an absolute blast!  Although it was a quick trip (only three days), he still took me around to show me the touristy places, including the Mount Royal Lookout.  This lookout offers one of the most beautiful views of Montreal I’ve ever had!  On one side you have downtown Montreal, on the other you see the rest of the city, including the Olympic Stadium.  Definitely will be going back to explore this park again!

Also, funny side story, as we were walking up to the lookout, I was telling him how a friend of mine got engaged there this past winter, and how beautiful the pictures were with the snow falling and how gorgeous her ring was.  Shaugn stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me all serious-like, and said “I hope you’re not expecting that now!” Ha!  Luckily for him I was not expecting a proposal (and definitely will not be for quite some time), but it was pretty funny to see the fear in his face!



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