Lesson Learned

One of the things Jeff is always telling me is never to go anywhere without my camera.  Today, I learned the real reason why this little tip is so important.  We went out for lunch today, and didn’t really have any plans after that, so we decided to see what icebergs were out around the coast.  As soon as we got out to Torbay, the fog started to roll in.  This is something I have never witnessed before in my life, and it was breathtaking.  And here I was, without a camera.  My heart took a serious plummet to my stomach, I was that upset.  The fog was rolling into the cove, over the iceberg, and up the cliff face, and I was trying to get a somewhat decent picture with my iPhone.  We didn’t even have time to go back and get our cameras, because we looped back to Torbay ten minutes later and the fog had lifted.  Let’s just say, from now on my camera will always be in the trunk of whatever vehicle I am taking.

This is the semi-decent picture I got from the end of a sketchy road we went down to find a lookout.  The only bright side of this story was the two lovely kitties that came over while I was taking pictures.


If you look closely through the fog around the 1st third of the picture you can see the iceberg through the fog.  I also apologize about the fact that this picture looks extremely crooked, there was a sudden drop after the bushes, which made the picture look extremely warped.

Lesson Learned

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