A Little Update

Wow, what a winter we’ve had!  I did have plans to go out and take pictures throughout the winter but I was literally stuck in my house for what feels like 90% of the last three months.  By the time I was done shovelling my way out of the house, there was another storm.  Although it would have been really cool to go get pictures of the crazy amount of snow we were getting, it wasn’t safe to me to go venture around, especially in my little old Jetta, so I chose to stay home and watch Netflix (oops).

With that being said, I do have my trip to St. John’s booked, which means there will be lots of pictures to be had there!  I also am hoping to venture out of the city a little bit while I’m there, so hopefully everything works out and I will have lots to share with you!  I’m also hoping (fingers crossed) to get some pictures of the Island this spring.  Mind you, as being a poor student, work comes first, so as long as my work schedule doesn’t overwhelm me, I will try my hardest to get some pictures posted!

I hope you all have survived this winter, and I hope spring comes soon!  And, also, don’t forget to subscribe to get updates about when posts are up!


A Little Update

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