Fogo Island Inn

SURPRISE! Fogo Island Inn came a day early! 😀

Well, this is the last (however, certainly not least) of my Fogo Island pictures.  I had an absolutely wondeful time here and if anyone ever gets the chance to go to Fogo, GO!  It was absolutely beautiful and the hospitality is amazing.  Whenever Jeff and I first arrived here I wasn’t really awhed, to me it looked just like more of the mainland.  However, the more we adventured around, and the more I got to see of the little communities and of the studios and the Inns, the more I fell in love with this Island.  There really is something different about Fogo compared to the rest of Newfoundland, I just can’t quite put my finger on it!  If you ever visit, I think you’ll understand!

Moving on to actually talking about the Fogo Island Inn (sorry about my moment previous, I can get carried away sometimes), this place was absolutely stunning!  I’ve already posted photos from the inside, so if you would like to see those please click here!  To summarize what the Inn looks like from the outside is simply a piece of modernization one of the most un-modernized places in the world.  It is not even that there is crazy technology, or robot people or anything, it’s that suddenly, over a tiny little hill, there is this eggshell coloured structure, that contrasts the rocks and the water, and it is sort of simply breathtaking.  It is definitely on my bucket list to stay here someday, but it will definitely have to wait until my paycheque gets a little bigger…

For those of you who’ve actually read this series, I hoped you enjoyed seeing the studios and the inn from my point of view.  Don’t worry, there is definitely more pictures from Fogo Island, as well as some in Morton’s Harbour and potentially Twilingate that I took on the rest of my trip!  I will be posting them throughout the winter (fingers crossed), so make sure to check back for those!  Also, for anyone who wants to get updates on when I post things to my blog, simply go to the column on the left hand side (—->) and scroll down, you’ll find a little follow button where you can follow me by email 🙂


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