Squish Studio

And, last but not least, the Squish Studio!  This was the last studio that Jeff and I visited while we were on Fogo, and honestly it was probably one of my favourites.  I loved how small it was and all the different angles to it.  It was right on the ocean as well, which provides breathtaking views in any sort of weather (which can vary drastically in the North Atlantic!).  I also adventured around a little bit more with this one, because there was simply so many perspectives to capture I had to try to get them all!  Although we did not get to stay at this studio long because the weather was changing and it was getting late, I had an amazing time capturing it!  This would definitely be in contention as my ultimate favourite, right beside the long studio!

Also, and just to let you guys know, I will be putting one more post in this ‘Fogo Island’ series before Christmas rolls around (it will be posted on December 24th!), and then I am going to try to post some Christmasy pictures while it is still the season!  I do however start my curling provincials on the 27th, so I will try to schedule as many posts as I possibly can before I get really busy again.  I will do my best to keep posting in the new year, but as we know, an undergrad degree does not come easy, so school comes first!  I will do my best though, that I can promise!

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