Busy Bee

Well, really, who isn’t?  I honestly don’t think I’ve left the library for more than just to go home and sleep since November started.  Oh, and have I ever mentioned how time consuming university is??  Well, if I haven’t, apparently it is way to time consuming to take pictures, edit them, or even post things on my blog.  I really want to start posting more often, about more than just photography, but it has just been so hard for me.  I never thought that I would be this busy this semester, but with 5 final projects, 1 midterm, and 2 finals coming up, I should’ve known better.

But, rest assured, my semester is officially over on December 8th when I write my final exam, and then after that I am a free woman (if you exclude curling and work…)!  So please, please, please don’t lose faith when I say I will be posting pictures from this summer’s trip to Fogo Island, some forgotten one’s from certain shoots this summer, new work with my favorite subject, and maybe even some new things to spice up the blog!  I also hope to figure some different things out on how to work this new layout, and hopefully make it super user friendly (if that is even possible with technology).

For those of you who actually read my posts, thank you so much!  You don’t realize how amazing you are!

Until next time, Em

Busy Bee

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