Fancy Fridays: Vol 1

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep up with my blog during busy times when I’m not out taking pictures all the time (like the majority of the time throughout my school year), and I kind of got the idea of doing something like a “Fancy Friday”.  I can’t take credit for this idea, because I totally stole it from my boyfriend (sorry Jeff), but I think it would be kind of cool to share my style a little bit while keeping up with my blog.  I am also thinking about starting to cook and bake more often and potentially posting food pictures and recipes on the blog as well, but we’ll see how that goes.. I am currently not the best chef, but maybe this will get me more involved with cooking, as opposed to my current heating up chicken and putting it in a sandwich (lol..).

So, without further ado, my first Fancy Friday post!  And, I’m actually totally cheating the system here because this was taken on Wednesday, but those are minor details!  This picture actually started as a snapchat, and I really liked how it looked, so I took a picture!  I was also obsessing over my new coat, so I thought the picture was absolutely necessary.



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