Something New

Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak posted last week of Taylor and Alan, I cannot wait to finish the rest of these pictures!

I am thinking of starting something called the 30 Day Selfie Challenge.  I first heard about this from a book I have called A Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book.  This book is written by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, who also run the blog A Beautiful Mess.  Honestly, it’s one of the best books I have purchased to help my photography.  It makes you think outside the box of lifestyle photography and kind of gives you that little push you need to find your own “thing”.  In this book though is the 30 Day Selfie Challenge, and what it does is it challenges you to take a picture of yourself in some way (it does not have to be your typical selfie) for 30 days.  It opens your mind to new concepts of how to capture your life in a month basically.  So I am thinking of trying this, and it will more than likely hit Instagram first (for those of you who have Instagram, give me a follow!) but I will hopefully have it on the blog shortly after I start.  What basically is holding me back right now is I feel obligated to dress nicely for 30 days, which I can barely do for 2, so we’ll see how things go (lol).

For all of you who read my blog, thank you so much for supporting me by just reading!  For those of you who are new to my blog, make sure you follow me by email to get the latest posts the moment they come out, and to like me on Facebook!

Hmm, on another quick thought before I go back to studying (I procrastinate way too much), I think I am going to make up business cards now that I finally have some things going my way (the Facebook name, a steady blog).  If you see me around, make sure you grab one!  This also mean a possible name change for my blog website to simply a .com website as apposed to a!  SO EXCITING!

Make sure to check back later in the week to see pictures of Taylor and Alan, and even possibly pictures from my trip to Newfoundland!

Happy September 16th everyone 🙂

– Em

Something New

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