The Craziness of September

Hello Everyone!

So I just wanted to clarify that no, I did not fall off a rock cliff in Newfoundland and plummet to my death – I have just been bombarded with school and work ever since I got back!  I thought that taking the first three days off school to stay in Newfoundland a little longer was a great idea, and in some ways it was.. however, now I am under a huge pile of books with no way out.  My plan was to post pictures from Fogo Island every other day, but since I got home it has been non-stop with organizing my room, trying to get caught back up in school, and working.  Oh, to add to that ever-growing list of things I have to do, my photoshop actually crashed on me, and with my super-techy boyfriend being a 1000 kms away (it is actually exactly 1000 km, which I think is super cool) it is taking a little bit longer to fix than I had planned.  I really want to share with you all the adventures, but I just don’t have the time right now!  So I am hoping that everything will settle down here by mid-next week and I can start working on the pictures.  I also have a couples session to get through (sorry it’s not up yet guys!), so you may even get to see those first!  And I have a bunch of iPhone pictures to upload… holy crap.

With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer we are having, and to those who are in my situation right now, you are not alone.. even if you feel super alone like me.


The Craziness of September

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