Fogo Island

So I know I haven’t been keeping up with my blog these last few days, but that’s because I’ve been too busy travelling and taking pictures! Today is our second and final day on Fogo Island, which is the biggest island off the coast of Newfoundland. Yesterday was spent taking pictures of all the artist studios located on Fogo Island (pictures will be up shortly!) and today we are doing more touristy things before hitting the ferry back to the mainland (if you can even call Newfoundland the mainland, considering it is an island..).

Yesterday we also visited the Fogo Island Inn, which is probably one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. While we were there two giant Newfoundland dogs came in, so I, being me, jumped right in with them for a picture. Also, I did not escape this picture without a slobbery hand..


Oh, also, here on Fogo Island they have reindeer, and I have officially seen four reindeer within 6 hours of being here. Just for the record, I’ve yet to see any moose in all of my visits to Newfoundland.


I would definitely recommend Fogo Island to anyone who wants to venture out of the city and into the heart of Newfoundland! Even the little towns and communities around the coast before taking the ferry are true Newfoundland places. The thicker the accent the deeper the roots, right?!

Fogo Island

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