The Beginning

What better way to start a trip than to go to lunch at your favourite cafe and spend the afternoon looking through photography books? This is a tradition that Jeff and I have seemed to have started a couple of visits back. Heading to our favourite cafe, Coffee Matters, is always on the list of things to do while I’m here, however spending an hour or more at the bookstore seems to be a common occurrence as well! We always sit on the floor in the photography section skimming through all the books trying to see which ones we’ll buy next and which ones we’ll keep in mind for later. Although some people give us funny looks, it’s honestly some of the best times I spend here!

Also, today I got my brand new iPhone 5S, and it is amazing! I have already started taking pictures of just about everything and I am so impressed with the camera on it! Comparing old Instagram pictures with the ones I took today made me realize that my old pictures were kinda in the dumps as far as quality goes, but what can you expect from a phone that’s over three years old?! I am just honestly looking forward to be able to start branching out with my pictures, even if I am using a phone camera.

Tomorrow we head north, so make sure to stop back and check out all the awesome places we’ll (hopefully!!) see!



The Beginning

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