Well I am halfway (sort of) to my final destination of St. John’s!  I am so looking forward to this trip because this is my first time really venturing out of the city of St. John’s and doing some more exploring of beautiful Newfoundland.  Jeff and I have done the Irish Loop, and things like that before, but this will be the furthest north I will have ever traveled within NFLD.  On Friday we will be going up to his family’s cabin and then on Saturday (and hopefully after the tropical storm passes) we will take the ferry over to Fogo Island where we will be spending two days taking pictures and experiencing this wonderful place.  Fogo Island is the largest Island off the coast of Newfoundland and it is famous for its spectacular views, multiple artist studies, and the Fogo Island Inn.  Jeff has been here twice so I have seen Fogo Island through his lens multiple times, but I am excited to capture my own view on things!

I am hoping to keep my blog updated throughout the trip so make sure to check back over the next two weeks to see all my exciting adventures!  Also, I will be (fingers crossed) getting a new phone tomorrow so I’m very excited to hopefully post more iPhone pictures onto my blog as the 5S has amazing quality for a phone camera!

And with that, from the first day of my trip: traveling done right!



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