New Features

Hello everyone!  So, as most of you already know I am always updating things around my blog, rearranging certain items and trying to find the best spot for everything.  Well, I was at it again tonight and I changed two things that I think I should make you all aware of!

First, there is now drop-down menus to view certain pages.  Not sure what this means?  Basically I have organized everything into pages instead of putting all the pictures in one section and you having to click on the picture to view the entire session/category.  How this works is when you go to the circle with the three little lines that you see in the menu bar (the first circle on the left) and click on it, it gives you a selection of areas that you can go to.  If you hover your cursor over one of these areas, more options will appear for you to choose from!  I think this just looks a little cleaner and keeps everything organized!

Second, I have created a gallery.  For this, I have taken one picture from each session/category that I have and put them all in one place!  I kind of like this because it gives you an opportunity to catch a little glimpse of everything I do all in one page!  And also, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, the link to the original post is in the description if you wanted to visit it.  I also really enjoy the mosaic pattern that I have chosen for it.  To find the gallery, just simply go to the circle with the three lines in it (as describe above) and click gallery!

I hope this doesn’t confuse too many of you, as this was done to help simplify and organize everything.  I have also moved where you can follow my blog by email to the sidebar on the right hand side of the main page (simply scroll down to find it).  Also, don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and check me out on Flickr to see even more of my work!


New Features

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