Gray Family Reunion

This past Monday I attended the largest family reunion I have ever been to, and it was pretty cool!  Usually every summer my family gets together for a family picnic, but it is only the family from my great-grandparents down.  This family reunion was much, much larger than this!  My great-great-aunt Helen, the only “first generation” left, would have been my great-grandfather’s sister, and it was from their generation down that attended the reunion.  Let’s just say that when there is family over four generations coming from originally 9 brothers and sisters, things get big!  I was meeting lots of new people, seeing family I haven’t seen in years, and getting to spend time with family I see all the time.  It was actually kind of cool introducing myself as Cecil-Leslie-Randy-Emily (Great Grandfather-Grandfather-Father-Me).  Attending this reunion also made me want to get a tattoo even more of the family anchor, because it means so much to us!  “The strongest storms prove the strength of our anchor”.

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One thought on “Gray Family Reunion

  1. Gail and Robert Gray says:

    Absolutely fantastic picture Bob and I (Gail) wish we could have been there.Believe me if we at all could have been we would have.Thanks again

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